Why use a Rugby GPS Tracker vest?

The simple answer, to ensure peak performance on match day!

From Grassroots to Elite Rugby, Empowering Every Level

In the world of rugby, unlocking player and team performance is the ultimate goal. With rugby GPS tracker vests, this capability is no longer limited to elite teams; now players and coaches across all levels can harness the data they need to elevate their game, all without breaking the bank.

Effortlessly monitor fitness levels, establish performance targets, and train like the pros to unleash your team’s full potential. Rugby teams at the highest levels have utilised GPS tracking for years, recognising the pivotal role of data.

Thankfully, accessibility is no longer a concern. Thanks to PlayerData, cutting-edge rugby GPS tracker technology is now within reach, both in terms of usability and affordability.

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More than 30,000 athletes and 900 teams, ranging from grassroots to semi-pro teams, and even academies to national associations across a host of sports, are enhancing their performance with our top-tier PlayerData GPS technology.

So, why do countless players and coaches trust PlayerData? The data gathered is tailored to each individual player, serving as the linchpin for unlocking their peak performance. Rugby GPS trackers eliminate the guesswork from training and game-day performance.

With the invaluable insights provided by the data, rugby coaches can set team-wide standards for metrics like distance covered, sprints made, or intensity levels to ensure that everyone is meeting the squad's performance goals. Maintaining the team standards is key to a successful season. Train like a pro and secure more victories!

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Levelling up with gps tech

What is a RUGBY GPS tracker vest?

Rugby GPS trackers capture a wide array of metrics, offering invaluable insights when analysed together to provide a comprehensive view of a session. Among these metrics, tracking intensity such as sprint distance and high intensity distance are vital for monitoring player load in order to prevent injuries across a season, ensuring players remain available to play throughout the season.

Ensuring return to play protocols are in place is just as important. It is critical for introducing players back into the squad after an injury and bringing them back up to the required intensity levels before playing again.
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data led strategies for peak team performance

With this data in hand, coaches can adapt their players' training regimens to optimise results and reduce the risk of injuries. Especially given that in rugby there is a notable variance in volume & intensity expectations across the positions in the team, tracking each individual enables coaching staff to understand how players are performing relative to their position.

Monitoring player fitness and conditioning is essential for keeping rugby players healthy and performing at their best, ultimately leading to peak team performance. Unsurprisingly, as players tire it is common for their performance to be negatively impacted. Utilising the data provided by rugby GPS tracker vests helps coaches recognise these patterns and make the right call on timely substitutions or tactical changes during a match.
nurturing a unified approach

Your players are your greatest asset

By comparing data across athletes, coaches can identify if certain players, or units (such as the back row), are taking on too much work, while others might be underperforming. Rugby GPS trackers enable coaches to take a data led approach to balancing out team efforts, ensuring a unified approach.

As previously noted, rugby GPS tracker vests were once the exclusive domain of professional clubs. However, thanks to PlayerData, that's no longer the case. Our mission is to make elite-level technology accessible to all, without the accompanying elite price tag.

For as little as £10 per unit per month, you can equip your team with PlayerData's top-tier rugby GPS tracker, enhancing your performance and increasing your chances of victory on the rugby field.

How are rugby
players tracked?

PlayerData rugby GPS trackers are a really clever bit of wearable tech, weighing in at just 34 grams. Worn in a specially designed vest, the rugby GPS tracker is positioned on the player's upper back, nestled snugly between the shoulder blades, ensuring it has zero impact on your players' freedom of movement.

Charging is a breeze; a mere one-hour charge powers your PlayerData rugby GPS tracker for multiple training sessions or matches. And when it comes to setup, you'll be up and running in under 30 seconds, saving you valuable time on the field. Plus, at the end of each session or game, effortlessly download your team's performance data wirelessly in less than three minutes, directly to your preferred device—whether it's your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Stay ahead of the game with our Rugby GPS Tracker.

High Speed Running

Intensity is a critical focus for training with the inclusion of sufficient high-speed running to elevate the heart rate, preparing rugby players for match situations. Rugby GPS tracker vests offer the advantage of customisable speed zones, facilitating the tracking of player intensity and the total amount of high-speed running.

This customisation accounts for individual fitness levels, age, and abilities, ensuring players build speed and stamina without compromising match-day freshness or risking injury.

Acceleration / Deceleration

Full-backs often need to make swift changes in direction to tackle attacking players, making acceleration and deceleration crucial skills for them. Proper technique in these areas can reduce the risk of injuries, particularly to the lower extremities.

Maintaining control and balance during speed changes is essential to prevent ankle sprains and knee ligament injuries. Overall, acceleration and deceleration are vital components of a rugby player's skillset, contributing to improved performance and injury prevention.

Injury Prevention

Rugby GPS trackers provide essential data on players' physical performance which aids injury prevention. Monitoring player workloads and fatigue levels enables coaches and medical staff to tailor training programs and manage player exertion effectively, reducing the risk of overtraining and injuries.

Additionally, return to play protocols are critical for bringing athletes back up to the required intensity levels before playing again. Every coach’s goal is ensuring the team's top players remain fit and in the game for extended periods.

Total Distance

When combined with other relevant metrics, total distance offers critical insights into the effort exerted during the session. An indispensable tool for assessing player training loads throughout the week, providing essential data on stamina, recovery, and fatigue.

Measuring a player's distance is pivotal for workload monitoring. Rugby coaches strategically vary players' running during training sessions, and the rugby GPS tracker becomes a vital tool for tracking and revealing which athletes possess the highest endurance.

Total active time

Total active time, also known as work rate, provides a comprehensive view of a player's physical exertion during matches and training sessions. Encompassing all player movements, including running, walking, sprinting, as well as activities like jumping and tackling.

When coupled with other critical metrics such as high-speed running, coaches gain a precise understanding of player activity levels. This invaluable data empowers coaches to tailor training plans, optimising their preparation for peak player performance on the rugby field.

Top Speed

Identifying the fastest players on your team and comparing their speeds is essential for gaining a competitive edge and enhancing overall team performance, and with rugby GPS tracker vests, measuring it becomes effortlessly accurate.

Speed plays a pivotal role in rugby, from breakaways and counter-attacks to tracking opponents, closing down space, and elevating overall player performance. Players with impressive top speeds are often more explosive and agile, qualities that can significantly benefit them across multiple aspects of a rugby game.

Positional Tracking

Player Heatmaps enable coaches to effortlessly visualise player positions and movement patterns during a match, facilitating vital post-game tactical analysis. Athlete Intensity Maps offer insights into when and where players sprinted during the game, providing insight into attacking intensity and successful areas of play.

Previously available primarily to elite clubs and TV studios, the average positions tab allows coaches to analyse team formation and shape from a bird's-eye view, right in the palm of the coaches hand.

Player Wellness

Player Wellness surveys offer a unique insight into a player's overall well-being, a dimension not typically captured elsewhere. Athletes can quickly and easily complete surveys through push notifications, providing information about their perceived effort during sessions, sleep quality, and any external factors affecting their readiness for the next session or match.

These surveys equip coaches with valuable data for optimising training plans and player selections, ultimately contributing to enhanced team performance.

How PlayerData can help
Coaches win more matches

PlayerData rugby GPS tracker vests, designed to provide unparalleled insights into performance and injury prevention, providing coaches with the necessary tools to elevate their game. As mentioned previously, our cutting-edge technology delivers crucial metrics, including sprint distance covered, high-intensity events, accelerations, decelerations, and much more.

Harness the power of the PlayerData App to track, monitor and interpret this data effectively. It empowers you to monitor your team's progress, adapt weekly training regimens, manage player workloads, and make informed decisions that translate into superior overall performance on the rugby field.

Rest assured, the PlayerData rugby GPS tracker is World Rugby Approved, resulting in you having access to the same top-tier sensors employed by elite rugby clubs. This ensures pinpoint accuracy and a comprehensive data suite, all at a fraction of the cost - in fact, a huge 90% saving. Elite-level technology is now within reach for all athletes, irrespective of their level.

With features like an LCD screen for player initials and an ergonomic, lightweight design, PlayerData rugby GPS trackers take your performance tracking to a whole new level. Over 900 teams and 30,000 athletes already trust PlayerData to up their game, reaping the rewards of improved team performance and a reduced risk of injuries.

Setup is a breeze, requiring less than 30 seconds. Whether in training or in the heat of a match, you can effortlessly download your team's data wirelessly. In under three minutes, you'll have access to a wealth of information, readily available for viewing and comparison on any device—be it a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Get the winning EDGE with PlayerData and revolutionise your matchday rugby performance.
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Which is the best rugby GPS tracker vest?

The quest for the best rugby GPS tracker vest ultimately hinges on your team’s specific needs. While considerations such as features, customer support, and cost play a pivotal role, don't overlook the valuable input from players and clubs already immersed in this technology.

World Rugby Approved PlayerData rugby GPS trackers are built to the highest standard & rigorously tested to meet the exacting standards set by World Rugby. With a thriving PlayerData community encompassing over 30,000 athletes from 900 teams worldwide embracing our rugby GPS tracker vests, you're assured of a trusted companion on your journey to peak performance.

You don't need to be a sports scientist to decode the data. Our intuitive PlayerData app and user-friendly reports eliminate the guesswork, offering actionable insights at your fingertips with just a few clicks.

Are you a club, academy, university, college or school coach?

Check out our latest brochure or reach out to our dedicated team for personalised assistance. We're here to help with any enquiries you may have and provide you with a no-obligation, tailor-made quote, so you can embark on your journey to success with complete confidence.

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World Rugby approved and designed to meet FIFA standards

Elite level data, grassroots pricing

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