Why Use Soccer GPS Tracker Vests?

The simple answer, to ensure peak performance on game day!


Soccer GPS tracker vests are no longer the reserve of pro teams, now players and coaches of all levels can access the data they need to unlock peak performance, all for a fraction of the price.

Track with ease fitness levels, set performance goals and train like the pros and unlock your true potential. MLS teams have been using Soccer GPS trackers for years. Data has always been crucial, but unfortunately not accessible to all. This is no longer the case!

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Thanks to PlayerData, this elite level soccer GPS tracker technology has never been more accessible or affordable. Over 30,000 athletes and 900 teams, from recreational to professional and academies to colleges, are upping their game thanks to our elite level EDGE soccer GPS trackers.

Why do so many players and coaches love PlayerData? The data collected is personal to each player and key to unlocking their peak performance. Soccer GPS trackers take the guesswork out of practise and game day performance. Train like a pro and win more games!

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Levelling up with gps tech

What is a Soccer GPS tracker vest?

GPS is already an essential part of our everyday lives, we rely on it in our cars, phones and smartwatches. With soccer, it works very much in the same way with players wearing a soccer gps tracker vest that tracks players via satellite during a game or practise.

Soccer GPS trackers can record a range of metrics which provide invaluable insight when used together to gain a broader understanding of a session, with total distance being the key metric for monitoring. This tracks the total distance performed by an athlete during a game or practise session.
track the metrics that matter

Why does distance covered in a session matter?

A soccer player's distance covered could be over a range of speed variations such as walking, jogging and sprinting. This is why PlayerData soccer GPS trackers also monitor speed zones to give a broader understanding and insight to a session.

The key speed zones players and coaches are interested in are high intensity running and sprinting, which are usually performed at key moments in a game such as winning possession of the ball or goal scoring opportunities. Teams can analyze their average data to create custom speed zones.

The information from total distance, sprint distance and high intensity running can give further insight into the volume and the intensity of a session. For example a session may have a high total distance covered with low sprint distance, this indicates the session was high volume at a low intensity.
Injury prevention

Your players are your greatest asset

With data, coaches can adapt soccer players’ training in order to maximize results and reduce the risk of injury, through maintaining player fitness and conditioning.

Soccer GPS trackers can therefore be an insightful tool to monitor this load and prevent injuries. After all, soccer players need to be healthy and performing at their best for your team to be at the top of their game. As we mentioned earlier, soccer gps tracker vests used to be the reserve of the pro clubs, however thanks to PlayerData that is no longer the case. Our goal is to make our elite level technology accessible to everyone, without the elite price tag.

For only $192 per unit per year, you can kit out your team with the elite level PlayerData soccer GPS tracker that's FIFA Quality approved. Up your game with PlayerData!

How are soccer
players tracked?

Soccer GPS trackers are a really smart bit of tech that’s worn by soccer players in a specially designed vest, with the GPS tracker positioned between the players shoulder blades in order to avoid impacting movement.

A PlayerData EDGE GPS tracker is one of the lightest and smallest soccer GPS trackers on the market, weighing just 34g. Charging is quick and easy too, with just 1 hour of charging your PlayerData soccer gps tracker will be good to go for multiple sessions.

Setup takes less than 30 seconds and at the end of the session or game the team’s data can be wirelessly downloaded in under 3 minutes to your device of choice (smartphone, tablet or laptop).

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Total Distance

An invaluable metric for insight into the work put in over the session, especially when paired with other metrics too! Total distance is a handy metric to track players' training load throughout the week, helping assess stamina, recovery and fatigue.

The better leg conditioning players do, the greater the results should be on game day. When soccer coaches vary a player’s running during the week’s practise, a soccer gps vest is used to track this activity and ultimately reveal who has the stamina to keep going the longest.

work rate

Providing a measure of a soccer player’s overall physical activity during a game or practise, total active time includes running, walking, and sprinting, as well as any other physical activity such as jumping or tackling.

Tracking and measuring work rate is crucial for a player’s fitness level, workload management, performance analysis and tactical analysis. When reviewed with other key metrics, such as high speed running, coaches can accurately analyze how active players are and organize practise plans for individual players or groups.

Top Speed

Soccer GPS trackers make it super easy to track this crucial metric. Knowing who is the fastest on your team and how your players compare is key to gaining that competitive edge and enhancing overall team performance.

Speed matters! Be it for breakaways, counter-attacks, chasing opponents, closing down space and general overall performance, top speed can provide inspiration for new tactics. Players with a high top speed are likely to be more explosive and agile, which can help them perform better in many areas of the game.

High Speed Running

Also known as intensity, this metric helps players get game day ready during practise. Soccer GPS tracker vests help monitor and analyze data across different types of exercise, be it running, jogging or walking, including how long is spent on each.

A lot of the practise sessions can be spent walking or standing still, that’s why coaches are loving our ‘custom speed zones’. This tracks player intensity and the total amount of high speed running in a session, and can be fully customized for each player based on their current fitness level, age and ability.

Accelerations / Decelerations

Soccer is a start-stop sport - free kicks, corners, throw-ins, substitutions, etc. - these breaks in play can provide opportunities to players who are quick off the mark and can stop quickly over short distances.

Proper acceleration and deceleration techniques are critical components of a soccer player's physical abilities. By developing these skills, players can improve their performance, reduce the risk of injury such as ankle sprains and knee ligament injuries, and enhance their overall contribution to the team.

Positional Tracking

With player heatmaps, coaches can quickly and easily visualize where their team and its individual athletes have spent the most time during a game. PlayerData soccer GPS trackers provide coaches with essential post game analysis data to reflect on the tactical approach used.

Athlete intensity maps provides insight into where and when a player has sprinted during the game, giving coaches and athletes the key data required to improve attacking intensity and identify areas of success.

Injury Prevention

Soccer GPS trackers can help injury prevention by providing data on a player's physical performance, such as their running speed, distance covered, and acceleration and deceleration frequency. This data can be used to monitor the workload and fatigue levels of the players, which can help coaches and medical staff to adjust training programs and manage player's physical exertion, to avoid overtraining or injury.

There are many key factors to producing great results and success - ultimately though, you need your best players fit and in the game for as long as possible.

Player Wellness

Whatever role you play within your club, our surveys provide extra insight into a player's wellbeing that isn't easily captured elsewhere. Quick and easy for the athletes, they just need to click the push notification to fill out their answers.

With player wellness surveys, you can measure athletes' perceived effort of the session; whether they had a sufficient night's rest, if there are external factors needing to be taken into account when setting your next session, or selecting players for your next game.

How PlayerData can help you
win more games

With PlayerData's elite level soccer GPS tracker, you can analyze performance from a new angle with key metrics such as distance, high intensity events, accelerations & decelerations and much more. With the PlayerData app, you can effectively use data to track your team and players' progression, adjust weekly practise plans, manage player load and make more informed decisions for better overall performance.

PlayerData soccer GPS trackers are designed to meet both FIFA and World Rugby standards and utilizes the same industry-leading sensors as soccer GPS trackers used at the highest levels of the game. Meaning, you get the same accuracy and data suite, but at a fraction of the cost.

Featuring an LCD screen for player initials and a market-leading sleek and lightweight build, PlayerData takes your performance tracking to the next level. Over 900 teams and 30,000 athletes already rely on PlayerData, resulting in improved team performance and reduced risk of player injury.

Setup takes less than 30 seconds, train or play, then simply download your team’s data wirelessly via bluetooth and in less than 3 minutes you’ll be able to view and compare your team and players’ data on any device (mobile, tablet or laptop).
Elite level data, grassroots pricing

Which is the best Soccer GPS tracker vest?

It really depends on your requirements, though typically it normally comes down to features, customer support and of course cost, but not forgetting customer feedback from both players and clubs already using the technology.

PlayerData soccer GPS trackers are built and tested to meet FIFA Quality standards, and with a PlayerData community of over 30,000 athletes from over 900 teams globally using our performance GPS tracker vests you know you’re in good company.

You don’t need to be a sports scientist to decipher the data, our intuitive PlayerData app and handy reports feature remove the guesswork for you, instead you can view with ease actionable insights with just a few clicks.


PlayerData EDGE GPS is FIFA Basic & Quality approved and World Rugby approved

“PlayerData provides industry leading GPS technology, incorporating advanced specifications that cater to the whole team and we at Hibernian FC Girls Academy are delighted to partner with such an innovative and refreshing organisation. This exciting partnership will assist the next generation of players, allowing them access to performance enhancing data.”
Joelle Murray
Hibernian Girls and Women’s Academy manager

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