Why Use GAA GPS Tracker Vests?

The simple answer, to ensure peak performance on match day!


GAA GPS tracker vests are no longer exclusive to elite teams. Now, coaches and players across all levels can harness the insights necessary to elevate their performance, at a fraction of the cost.

Effortlessly monitor fitness levels, establish performance objectives, and train with the precision of professionals to unlock your full potential. For years, top-tier teams have utilised GPS tracking technology. However, accessibility has been a barrier for many. Not anymore!

Join a community of Aspiring athletes

Thanks to PlayerData, cutting-edge GAA GPS tracking technology is now within reach like never before. With over 30,000 athletes and 900 teams, ranging from grassroots to semi-pro, academies to associations, embracing our state-of-the-art GAA GPS trackers.

Why has PlayerData become a favourite among players and coaches alike? The personalised data collected is instrumental in optimising individual player and team performance. GAA GPS tracker vests eliminate guesswork from training sessions and match day preparations. Train like a pro and secure more victories!

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Levelling up with gps tech

What is a GAA GPS tracker vest?

Ever wondered about those 'sports bras' your favourite players wear? Just like GPS guides us in our daily travels, GAA GPS tracker vests utilise satellite technology to monitor players during matches and training sessions.

GAA GPS trackers are capable of capturing a variety of metrics, offering valuable insights when analysed collectively. Among these metrics, total distance stands out as a pivotal measure for monitoring player activity. It tracks the overall distance covered by an athlete throughout a session, whether it's a gruelling match or an intense training session.
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Why does distance covered in a session matter?

A GAA player's movement isn't just about pacing; it encompasses a spectrum of speeds from walking to sprint bursts. That's why PlayerData GAA GPS trackers also monitor speed zones, providing a comprehensive overview of each session.

Coaches and players are particularly interested in high-intensity running and sprinting, crucial actions that often dictate the outcome of a match. By analysing average data, teams can tailor their training regimens to match specific speed zones, optimising performance.

Insights from metrics like total distance, sprint distance, and high-intensity running offer deeper understanding into the volume and intensity of a session. For instance, a session with a high total distance but low sprint distance suggests a high-volume, low-intensity workout.
Injury prevention

Your players are your greatest asset

Data isn't just numbers; it's the key to unlocking your team's potential while safeguarding their health. By leveraging GAA GPS trackers, coaches can fine-tune training programs to maximise results and minimise injury risks, ensuring players remain fit and ready to perform.

GAA GPS trackers were once reserved for elite clubs, but thanks to PlayerData, that's no longer the case. Our mission is to democratise access to elite-level technology, offering it at an affordable price point.

For as little as £10 per unit per month, equip your team with PlayerData's FIFA Quality  EDGE GPS trackers. Elevate your game and secure more victories!

How are GAA players tracked?

Ever wondered how players are monitored with such precision? GAA GPS trackers, clever pieces of technology, are embedded within specially designed vests, positioned between the shoulder blades to minimise interference with movement.

PlayerData EDGE GPS trackers are among the lightest and most compact options on the market, weighing just 34g. Charging is a breeze too, with just one hour needed to power up for multiple sessions.

Setting up takes less than 30 seconds, and at the end of a session or match, team data can be wirelessly downloaded in under 3 minutes to your preferred device—whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

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Total Distance

Total distance covered in a session is a vital metric offering profound insights when combined with other measures. It serves as a reliable indicator of players' training workload throughout the week, aiding in evaluating stamina, recovery, and fatigue levels.

Enhanced leg conditioning translates to superior performance on match day. GAA coaches utilise GPS trackers to monitor players' running variations during training, unveiling who has the stamina to keep going the longest.

work rate

Work rate quantifies a GAA player's overall physical activity during matches or training, encompassing running, walking, sprinting, and additional actions like jumping or tackling.

Monitoring and analysing work rate are pivotal for managing fitness levels, workload, performance, and tactical strategies. When integrated with key metrics such as high-speed running, coaches gain precise insights into players' activity levels, facilitating tailored training plans.

Top Speed

Tracking top speed with GAA GPS technology is effortless. Identifying the fastest players and benchmarking their performance is crucial for gaining a competitive edge and enhancing team dynamics. Whether for breakaways, counter-attacks, defensive pursuits, or overall performance, top speed influences tactical decisions and inspires innovative strategies.

Players with exceptional speed exhibit enhanced explosiveness and agility, elevating their impact on the game.

High Speed Running

High-speed running, also known as intensity, is integral to preparing players for match fitness. GAA GPS trackers facilitate monitoring and analysis across various exercise types, enabling customised insights into player intensity and total high-speed running durations during sessions.

Custom speed zones empower coaches to precisely track player intensity levels, optimising training effectiveness and performance outcomes.

Acc / Decelerations

GAA players' dynamic nature necessitates adept acceleration and deceleration abilities. Players who excel in these areas enhance performance, reduce injury risks, and contribute significantly to team success.

Proper techniques in acceleration and deceleration mitigate the likelihood of common GAA injuries like ankle sprains and knee ligament strains, ensuring players remain at peak performance levels.

Positional Tracking

Player heatmaps offer coaches valuable post-match insights into team positioning and individual player movements.

GAA GPS trackers deliver essential data for tactical analysis, enabling coaches to refine strategies and optimise player positioning during matches. Athlete intensity maps highlight sprinting patterns, aiding coaches in enhancing attacking intensity and identifying areas for improvement.

Injury Prevention

GAA GPS trackers play a pivotal role in injury prevention by monitoring players' physical performance metrics. Insights into running speed, distance covered, and acceleration / deceleration frequencies facilitate workload management and fatigue monitoring.

Coaches and medical staff can adjust training regimens and manage player exertion levels, minimising injury risks and ensuring players remain match-fit.

Player Wellness

Our player wellness surveys offer invaluable insights into athletes' well-being, allowing coaches to tailor training sessions and match selections accordingly. Quick and user-friendly, these surveys capture athletes' perceived effort levels, sleep quality, and external factors influencing performance.

With player wellness data, coaches can optimise training programs and roster selections, ensuring players are primed for success on match day.

How PlayerData can help you win more games

With PlayerData's elite level GAA GPS trackers, you can analyse performance data from a fresh perspective, focusing on key metrics such as distance covered, high-intensity events, accelerations, decelerations, and more. Utilising the PlayerData app, you can harness data effectively to track your team and players' progress, fine-tune weekly training plans, manage player workload, and make well-informed decisions to enhance overall performance.

PlayerData GAA GPS trackers are designed and built to both FIFA Quality and World Rugby standards, employing top-tier sensors identical to those used in elite sports performance GPS trackers. This ensures unparalleled accuracy and a comprehensive data suite, all at a fraction of the cost.

Boasting an LCD screen for player identification and a cutting-edge, lightweight design, PlayerData sets the standard for performance tracking. Over 900 teams and 30,000 athletes worldwide already rely on PlayerData, resulting in enhanced team performance and minimised risk of player injury.

Setting up takes less than 30 seconds. After training or gameplay, simply download your team’s data wirelessly via Bluetooth. Within minutes, you can access and compare your team and players’ data on any device, whether it's a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.
Elite level data, grassroots pricing

Which is the best GAA GPS tracker vest?

The right solution for your team depends on your specific requirements, including features, customer support, cost, and invaluable feedback from players and clubs already leveraging the technology.

PlayerData GAA GPS trackers are designed and tested to meet FIFA Quality and World Rugby standards. With a thriving PlayerData community boasting over 30,000 athletes from more than 900 teams worldwide, you can trust that you're in good company.

Deciphering the data doesn't require a sports science background. Our user-friendly PlayerData app and insightful reports feature eliminate guesswork, providing you with actionable insights with just a few clicks.


PlayerData EDGE GPS is FIFA Basic & Quality approved and World Rugby approved

“PlayerData provides industry leading GPS technology, incorporating advanced specifications that cater to the whole team and we at Hibernian FC Girls Academy are delighted to partner with such an innovative and refreshing organisation. This exciting partnership will assist the next generation of players, allowing them access to performance enhancing data.”
Joelle Murray
Hibernian Girls and Women’s Academy manager

Elite level data, grassroots pricing

PlayerData for teams is available from just £10 per unit per month, or just £120 per year for aspiring individuals, providing clubs and athletes easy access to the same vital tools the pros use:

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