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PlayerData enables teams and coaches to unlock the data behind their performance, both on and off the pitch.
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Edge GPS

The compact EDGE GPS unit slots comfortably into a sports vest, and is used to track player’s speed zones, distances covered and positioning on the pitch.
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Edge Analyst

EDGE Analyst is all you need to access data. Assign units, send data for analysis and create and assign surveys to players. Players can view their metrics and answer surveys online or in the app.
Distance, speed and intensity metrics
Live data for tracking players in real-time during matches
Internal and external player load analysis
Heatmaps for tactical positioning analysis
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Live Data Analysis

See how your players are performing in the moment and get instant feedback to review and adapt now.

Heart Rate Vest Coming soon

All round solution

For an all-round solution, upgrade your vests to monitor heart rate and complete the athlete picture.

The Proof is in the data

Average improvement after 3 months use

Our aim is to provide accessible technology that enables everyone to train like a pro. With an easy-to-use app and unit combo and a hands-on service there’s no need for a data scientist. We provide everything you need to analyse, adapt and achieve. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the data.


Increase in match distance


Increase in
Top Speed


Increase in Sprint Distance


Covered by
all Athletes

Customer Stories

Hear from our customers

"From the numbers that the guys are putting in, we gave a couple of guys some time off in terms of not doing the full session or just giving a rest. This time of season you can pick up knocks so it’s brilliant for that in terms of injury prevention”

Kirk Forbes - First Team Coach, Clydebank FC

Customer Stories

Hear from our customers

"By using the Playerdata to collect data we are able to monitor training volume, load & intensity closely. This allows us to ensure we look after players, thus reducing load related injuries.”

Claire Cruikshank - Edinburgh University Performance

Customer Stories

Hear from our customers

"The system has been exceptional. Our sport science coach is in his element. The players also love the early results and reports.”

Michael Kennedy - Manager, Darvel Juniors

Customer Stories

Hear from our customers

"Working with Roy and PlayerData has been inspiring. They have been able to get everything that I am looking for as a coach into a single product. They have really listened to my needs as a coach and made sure most teams can soon afford to have that what only the ultimate pro teams could before. I am excited for everything that we will be able to do with their new product and it's possibilities seem mostly limited by our own thinking as a coach. I believe there will be no end to demand in team and individual sports.”

Bart Sengers - Dutch Olympic basketball coach

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