Why Use A Lacrosse GPS Tracker?

The simple answer, to ensure peak performance on match day!


From up-and-coming lacrosse enthusiasts to seasoned coaches, lacrosse GPS tracker vests are your gateway to elevating both player and team performance. These aren't just tools for the pros anymore. Today, players and coaches at all levels can harness premium data insights that optimize performance and minimize the risk of injuries, all at a market leading cost.

Effortlessly track fitness metrics, set ambitious performance targets, and train like a pro. While professional teams have long benefited from lacrosse GPS trackers, data-driven insights are no longer exclusive to the top tier. It's time for all aspiring athletes and teams to level the playing field!

Why PlayerData Is the Preferred Choice for Coaches and Athletes

PlayerData is committed to democratizing advanced lacrosse GPS tracker technology, making it accessible and budget-friendly for teams and athletes across all levels like never before.

With over 30,000 athletes and 900 teams spanning from eager beginners to semi-pros across multiple sports already experiencing game-changing improvements with our cutting-edge PlayerData lacrosse GPS tracker vests, you're joining a community dedicated to success.

The data it captures is tailored to each player, serving as the cornerstone for unlocking their full potential. Lacrosse GPS trackers remove uncertainty from practice and gameday performance, empowering players to train like the pros and secure more victories!

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Levelling up with gps tech

What is a lacrosse GPS tracker vest?

In a world where GPS has become an integral part of our daily lives, accompanying us in our cars, phones, and smartwatches, it plays an equally significant role in lacrosse. Here, players wear lacrosse GPS vests that house a tracker connecting with satellites to accurately monitor athletic performance during both games and practice sessions.

Leading lacrosse GPS trackers like PlayerData capture a multitude of metrics, providing coaches and athletes with priceless insights into their sessions. Among these metrics, one of the most vital is "total distance" covered by an athlete throughout a game or practice.
track the metrics that matter

Is Distance the Key to Lacrosse Success?

The distance traversed by a lacrosse player can span various speed ranges, encompassing walking, jogging, and sprinting. This is why PlayerData's lacrosse GPS trackers keep tabs on "speed zones," providing a more comprehensive session analysis. Among these, the speed zones that resonate most with players and coaches are "high-intensity running" and "sprinting." These critical moments often occur when seizing possession of the ball or capitalizing on goal-scoring opportunities.

Teams have the capability to customize speed zones by examining their average data. The insights drawn from metrics like total distance, sprint distance, and high-intensity running serve as a valuable resource for evaluating session volume and intensity. For instance, a session characterized by extensive total distance but minimal sprinting suggests a high-volume, low-intensity practice session.
Injury prevention

Leveling the Playing Field with GPS Tech

Armed with this elite-level data, lacrosse coaches can fine-tune player training programs, optimizing results while mitigating the risk of injury. This is achieved by preserving player fitness and conditioning, making lacrosse GPS trackers an indispensable tool for workload monitoring and injury prevention. After all, maintaining the health and peak performance of lacrosse players is imperative for consistently achieving your team's true potential.

Previously reserved for professional clubs, lacrosse GPS tracker vests are no longer exclusive, thanks to PlayerData. Our mission is to bring elite-level technology within reach for everyone, without the exorbitant price tag.

For as little as $18 per unit per month, you can equip your lacrosse team with PlayerData GPS trackers, ensuring you have the tools to elevate your game and secure more victories.

How are Lacrosse
players tracked?

Ever wondered how lacrosse players' data is captured during a session? The answer lies with lacrosse GPS trackers, an innovative technology that seamlessly integrates into specially designed vests. These vests are equipped with GPS trackers positioned between the players' shoulder blades, ensuring they don't impede player movement while ensuring optimal satellite connectivity.

The PlayerData elite-level GPS tracker is one of the lightest and most compact solutions available, weighing just 34 grams. Charging is a breeze, with just one hour of charge being sufficient for multiple sessions. What's more, the setup process takes under 30 seconds to get up and running. At the end of a session or game, your team's data can be effortlessly and wirelessly downloaded in under three minutes to a device of your choice, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

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Total Distance

This metric not only measures effort, but also reveals player stamina, recovery, and fatigue. A player's endurance on gameday is directly influenced by their leg conditioning. Lacrosse GPS trackers excel in monitoring extended periods of running, sprints, and aerobic activities. Coaches can adjust practice variations based on this data, ensuring players maintain their stamina.

Key Takeaway: Total distance isn't just about running far; it's understanding the broader context when combined with intensity and other metrics.

work rate

Total active time comprehensively measures a player's physical activity during games and practice, including running, walking, sprinting, jumping, and tackling. Analyzing active time is vital for evaluating fitness levels, managing workload, performance analysis, and tactical assessment. Lacrosse GPS trackers provide essential insights for preventing burnout and aiding injury recovery.

Key Takeaway: Combined with metrics like high-speed running, coaches can use “total active time” to tailor training plans for players or groups.

Top Speed

Identifying the fastest players and comparing speeds is vital for gaining a competitive edge. Speed influences breakaways, counter-attacks, defensive moves, and overall gameplay. A player's top speed reflects their physical fitness, explosiveness, and agility, all crucial for success in various aspects of the game.

Key Takeaway: Top speed is a game-changer, it reflects a player’s physical fitness as well as their explosiveness and agility, all of which positively contribute to the overall team performance.

High Speed Running

High-speed running, tied to intensity, prepares players for gameday. Lacrosse GPS trackers monitor various exercises, helping coaches ensure productive practice sessions. Customizable speed zones tailor intensity tracking, preventing overtraining and reducing injury risks.

Key Takeaway: Customizable speed zones enable tailored intensity tracking based on each player's fitness level, age, and ability, preventing overtraining and minimizing risk of injury.

Accelerations / Decelerations

Lacrosse's dynamic nature demands swift starts and stops. Acceleration creates space, while deceleration aids evading opponents. Mastering these skills is crucial for sharp turns and effective dodging. Proper techniques prevent injuries, ensuring the team performs at its best.

Key Takeaway: Mastering acceleration and deceleration techniques is vital for injury prevention and peak performance.

Positional Tracking

PlayerData lacrosse GPS trackers make post-game analysis super simple. Heatmaps display player positions, aiding tactical reflection. Athlete Intensity Maps reveal sprinting patterns, refining attacking strategies. Advanced positioning insights, once limited to elite clubs, enhance team formation and tactical analysis.

Key Takeaway: Advanced positioning insights optimize team formation and tactical strategies.

Injury Prevention

Lacrosse GPS trackers provide crucial data for injury prevention. Monitoring player outputs such as their running speed, distance covered, and acceleration / deceleration frequency helps manage workload and fatigue, reducing the risk of overtraining or injury. Keeping top players healthy is essential for long-term team success.

Key Takeaway: Player performance data aids in managing workload and reducing injury risks, ensuring players stay on the field and performing at their best.

Player Wellness

Player Wellness surveys offer unique insights into player well-being, covering factors like perceived effort, sleep quality, and external influences affecting player performance. Providing feedback is effortless for athletes, a simple tap on the push notification is all it takes to complete the survey. Find out if they enjoyed a sufficient night’s sleep and uncover any external factors that may influence your upcoming sessions or player selections.

Key Takeaway: Monitoring player wellness is essential for overall team performance and player health.

How PlayerData can help you up your game

Gain a fresh perspective on performance analysis, with essential metrics such as total distance covered, high-intensity events, accelerations, decelerations, and much more. The intuitive PlayerData app empowers you to analyze your data like a seasoned pro, enabling you to develop your team's growth, adapt weekly training plans, manage player workloads, and make informed decisions to enhance overall team performance.

PlayerData lacrosse GPS trackers are designed to adhere to the highest standards set by international sports bodies. They utilize the same cutting-edge sensors found in GPS trackers employed at sport's highest levels. The best part? You'll enjoy precision tracking and a comprehensive analytics data suite at just a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market, saving you up to a remarkable 90%. Thanks to PlayerData, this elite technology is now accessible to all lacrosse athletes!

PlayerData's lacrosse GPS trackers are equipped with an LCD screen for easy player identification and sport a sleek, lightweight design that sets new industry standards. Setting up your PlayerData GPS trackers is a breeze, taking less than 30 seconds. Whether it's a practice session or game day, you can effortlessly download your team's data wirelessly via bluetooth. In under 3 minutes, you'll have access to an array of insights and comparisons of your team and players' data on any device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Victory is now well within your reach.
Elite level data, that doesn't break the bank

Which is the best lacrosse GPS tracker vest?

Selecting the perfect lacrosse GPS tracker is a critical decision for both aspiring athletes and dedicated coaches. Your choice should align with your unique needs, focusing on essential factors like features, reliable customer support, and budget considerations. Gathering insights from players and clubs already reaping the benefits of this technology is equally invaluable.

With this in mind, PlayerData's elite-level lacrosse GPS trackers are designed to exceed your expectations. Built to the highest standards and rigorously tested, ensuring your investment delivers peak performance session after session. Join a rapidly growing community of over 23,000 aspiring athletes and 650 teams worldwide across a host of sports, all elevating their game with PlayerData's GPS tracker vests.

Complex data analysis is no longer the exclusive domain of sports scientists. Our user-friendly PlayerData app and insightful reports simplify the process, delivering actionable insights with just a few clicks.

Elite level data, grassroots pricing

PlayerData for teams is available from just £10 per unit per month, or just £120 per year for aspiring individuals, providing clubs and athletes easy access to the same vital tools the pros use:

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