What is EDGE? EDGE Analyst

December 1, 2020
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EDGE is our main service, providing performance data for team. It is split into EDGE Analyst and EDGE GPS. This post will give you a bit more info on EDGE Analyst and next week we'll cover EDGE GPS.

EDGE Analyst is our mobile and web app, which can be used alone or in conjunction with EDGE GPS. It has been designed with teams in mind, giving clubs the ability to add players and view the whole teams’ stats together. 

There are a number of features within EDGE Analyst, such as surveys, training reports and match reports, as well as functions such as compare athletes or sessions. Here, I will briefly take you through these features to give you a better insight into how EDGE Analyst works and how it could benefit you and your team. 

Data Hub

EDGE Analyst can be used to assign EDGE GPS’ to your team, upload data and generate reports all in one place. EDGE Analyst is designed to make accessing your performance data easy, so all of the main statistics are displayed in an easy-to-use interface. You can use it to collect internal and external data on your players, as well compare players and sessions. Players’ can also download the app to see their own data and answer surveys set by their coach. For more in depth views, coaches can log in to the online web app and view their sessions in more detail.

Training Reports

When used with EDGE GPS, you can view all of your training data within EDGE Analyst. The coach uploads all of the data post-session and can then view distance metrics, speed zones and other key indicators. These reports can be used to manage load, bring players back comfortably from injury and highlight areas of improvement. Training reports can be a powerful reflection tool for coaches as well as be used for self analysis to make sure that you are running sessions to the correct intensity. For players, training reports can be used as results for target setting, showing development in key performance indicators and praise for areas of strength.

Match Reports

Match reports can also be generated with EDGE Analyst. Once data is uploaded from EDGE GPS, you can input pitch information that will then produce a personalised match report, accessible on the EDGE Analyst web view. Here coaches can scrub through the match, view heat maps, and compare data across matches and players. These reports can inform your weekly player load for training, highlight areas to improve physically and show data trends with major match events.


Surveys are a great way of monitoring your players’ internal load. They can be set up to occur on set days, or as one-offs, and you can select who in your team it is sent to. Choose from a list of questions and create pre- and post-training surveys, morning surveys, or surveys specific to matches and games. As the coach, you will be notified of the results of the surveys and can monitor how your players are responding, as well as catch any unusual dips or peaks that may need to be investigated further. We have teams from youth to professional using our surveys, some in conjunction with EDGE GPS and others on their own and have found that regular surveys can help coaches adapt training sessions in response to player feedback as well as provide that additional insight to complete the load picture. 

And that’s the basics! If you have any questions or if you want to find out more about EDGE Analyst and how it can be implemented into your club, contact our sales team on sales@playerdata.co.uk. Together we can make data accessible. 

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