University of Bath X PlayerData

November 3, 2022
University of Bath X PlayerData

Team Bath and PlayerData are delighted to reveal a new partnership with PlayerData being announced as the Official Sports Data Partner for the University of Bath.

With technology, PlayerData's goal is to bridge the gap between grassroots and pro level sports teams, while building a community for all athletes to come together with their shared passion. EDGE by PlayerData is an elite level GPS tracker and the most accessible wearable tech on the market, enabling coaches to monitor and evaluate core metrics that improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

The partnership will enable student sports teams at the university to take their match and training analysis to a new level. The elite level GPS technology will provide football, hockey and rugby coaches at the university with near instant access to an array of performance enhancing data, providing an insight into player workload, training regime and physical performance.

Che Wilson, Head of Football at the University of Bath, is already seeing the benefits:

“The GPS units have been really helpful in supporting staff and players alike in multiple areas including workload management, match analysis and development of training sessions. It has afforded evidence-based feedback which has allowed us to enhance the competitive environment and given the players a competitive mindset. The ability to monitor intensity and volume of team and individual workloads has massively helped us to assist in maximising team and player performance”. 

Athletes are also valuing the partnership, as Patrick Mcelhinney, part of the Team Bath Hockey Performance Squad, explains:

“PlayerData is a must for high performance athletes who are looking to take their game to the next level. It unlocks a wide variety of information that is easy to access, allowing users to analyse their performance and identify both their strengths and areas for improvement. It is simple to use and is incredibly rewarding to see your hard work put into numbers. PlayerData also helps massively by indicating the recovery required after a session/match based on the intensity shown by the data”.

Greg Sharp, Deputy Director of Sport, is pleased to see the wider benefits to students at Bath:

“The opportunity for students on industrial placement to lead these projects with our sports is fantastic. The wider upskilling of our athletes in how data can be used to improve performance will not only benefit their sport but will develop skills they can use after graduating too”.

Mark Kirkup, Head of Commercial, is delighted to welcome the University of Bath to the PlayerData community:

"At PlayerData, the work we do to make performance data accessible to coaches and athletes of all levels is transforming the sports science industry. Our EDGE GPS tracking and analysis service will allow coaches and players at Team Bath to gain instant access to crucial performance data, whether that be from training sessions or matches".

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