Canterbury X PlayerData

January 13, 2023
Canterbury X PlayerData

Leading rugby brand Canterbury teams up with PlayerData to provide grassroots players access to elite level GPS tech. To drive innovation at all levels of the game, Canterbury is bringing PlayerData’s World Rugby approved tracking technology into a specially designed vest, enabling players of all levels to access elite-level performance data.

PlayerData’s state-of-the-art EDGE tracking technology is designed to transform the way athletes train and play on the pitch. As the most accessible wearable technology on the market, it enables coaches and players to monitor core metrics, make comparisons and identify trends that improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

With over 550 teams and 10,000 athletes worldwide from across a range of team sports already benefiting from PlayerData, Canterbury’s network of 3,000 rugby teams will enable PlayerData to further expand into the world of grassroots rugby.

Through this exclusive partnership, Canterbury’s goal is to drive digital innovation in the sport, foreseeing grassroots rugby to be at the forefront of future change.

Ben Cooper, Senior Brand Manager at Canterbury, commented on the announcement:

“We’re super excited to announce the partnership with PlayerData, which will give teams within the grassroots game the tools to track their performance at an elite level whilst remaining affordable.

“When you start making this level of tech accessible, it can only progress the game. We’ll be using the EDGE to spend more time with clubs and players, learning from them to help us develop a rugby-first product that players want.”

Roy Hotrabhvanon, CEO of PlayerData, said:

“This partnership means we can show players and teams at grassroots levels what they are missing. The tech they never thought was for them can now become a staple. With Canterbury's help, we plan to revolutionise the playing field for each and every one of them and then look ahead to how we can harness the power of that data for the player. It's all about giving these athletes ownership of their data and using it to enhance sporting communities.”     

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