2023 A Year In Review

December 21, 2023
From historic triumphs on the pitch to game changing technological developments, 2023 has been a fantastic and unforgettable year.

As 2023 draws to a close, join us in revisiting our unforgettable journey throughout the year. From historic triumphs on the pitch to game changing technological developments, this year has been a testament to our commitment to growing our PlayerData Community and providing you with an unparalleled service, in our relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries in sports technology.

JANUARY: Expanding Horizons and Historic Triumphs

As the new year kicked off, Team PlayerData embarked on an exciting journey, setting the stage for the expansion of our innovative sports technology into the US. Our presence at the USCC in Philadelphia and NCAA in San Antonio marked the beginning of an incredible year. Meanwhile, back in Scotland, the spotlight shone on Darvel FC, one of PlayerData's founding clubs. In a historic Scottish Cup upset, Darvel FC triumphed over Premiership side Aberdeen, defying a 56-place and 6-league gap. The scenes that followed, coupled with Manager Mick Kennedy's inspiring pre-match speech, were nothing short of spectacular.

The PlayerData product team started the year off with a bang, introducing a brand-new reports feature to the PlayerData app. This was just the first of many exciting updates planned for 2023, allowing clubs to generate and share powerful reports for in-depth team data analysis.

FEBRUARY: Community Triumphs and Awards Recognition

The success continued in February as Heriot-Watt Men's 1st Team secured the Scottish 1A championship for the first time in 16 years, quickly following this up by winning the 2022 King Cup. The collective efforts of the PlayerData team and the unwavering support from our clubs earned us a spot on the shortlist for 'Smart Apparel, Equipment, or Wearable of the Year' at the prestigious 2023 Sports Technology Awards (STA).

MARCH: TV Cameos, Forbes Recognition, and Talent Hunt

March brought unexpected excitement with a surprise TV cameo on Love Island, featuring Macclesfield FC's Tom Clare showcasing the club's grounds. However, the real stars of the month were PlayerData founders Roy and Hayden, making waves by earning a spot on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Amidst rapid expansion plans, the PlayerData team exhibited at the University of Edinburgh's 'Careers in Tech & Data Fair,' actively seeking exceptional young talent to join our growing team. The product team also launched not one but two new features: the session reports feature providing valuable insights into performance, and the Segments tool for precise training analysis.

APRIL: Growing Our Leadership Team and Global Recognition

April marked a significant milestone as our US team was formally established with the appointment of Jess, our new CCO and GM of North America. With a vision focused on scaling our global PlayerData Community, the summer of 2023 and beyond promised unprecedented growth.

PlayerData proudly secured a spot in Viva Technology's 'The Future of Sport Top 12', an esteemed sports tech challenge, in association with Global Sports Week, highlighting startups trailblazing in the industry.

MAY: Summer Kickoff with Expansion, Investment, and BBC Spotlight

Summer began with a bang in May, featuring multiple new hires, a notable TV interview, and a substantial multimillion-dollar investment round. CEO Roy took centre stage on the BBC, sharing insights into the evolving world of sports and the positive impact technology such as PlayerData has across all levels of the game.

With ambitious growth plans, a successful funding round closed with a multimillion-dollar investment secured. This additional capital paved the way for exciting product developments, domestic and international growth, reaffirming PlayerData's commitment to setting the standard in elite-level GPS technology for teams and athletes worldwide. As our PlayerData Community continues to more than double with each year that goes by, we shone the light on their successes throughout the 2022/23 season. If you missed it, you can take a deep dive into their triumphs and discover how they leverage data for performance optimisation.

JUNE: Triumphs and Technological Advancements

The excitement at our newly opened US office reached new heights as the Atlanta United Academy, a PlayerData US founding club, clinched the U-16 division title at the prestigious MLS Next Cup. A resounding 3-1 victory in the final marked their extraordinary journey, securing their first MLS Next title since the league's inception in 2020.

While the summer was in full swing, our product and engineering team continued to elevate the PlayerData app. The introduction of the substitution detection feature added a new layer of accuracy to match analysis, enhancing the overall user experience. As part of VivaTech's sport tech challenge, we proudly stood among the 12 finalists, showcasing our innovative solutions on a global stage. Back in Edinburgh, our presence at Turing Fest emphasised our commitment to nurturing talent within the sports tech sector.

JULY: Tournaments, Birthday Celebrations, and Community Engagement

July was nothing short of phenomenal, featuring multiple tournaments across the US, the launch of the PlayerData Insiders Group, and of course our 6th birthday celebration. Our continued partnership with the Homeless World Cup in Sacramento showcased our commitment to using technology for positive social impact.

Delaware witnessed our participation in the IWLCA Capital Cup, highlighting the best of high school women's lacrosse talent. We then headed to the West Coast Cup in San Jose to introduce aspiring athletes to the transformative power of data.

July, being our birthday month, was also dedicated to our incredible PlayerData community. The launch of the PlayerData Insiders Group allowed us to connect directly with our users, gathering feedback to shape the future direction of PlayerData.

AUGUST: League Sponsorship, Capitol Cup in Sacramento, and Exciting New Product Releases

August marked the kickoff of the West of Scotland Development League Cup, where PlayerData proudly served as the title sponsor of the PlayerData League Cup. Our support for sports development and aspiring athletes aligned seamlessly with this sponsorship, providing a platform for young footballers to showcase their skills.

The Capitol Cup (Girls Edition) in sunny Sacramento was another highlight, providing us with a great opportunity to demonstrate why coaches and athletes across all levels are making the switch to PlayerData. To further assist coaches, we enhanced our segments tool, introducing Personalised Athlete Assignments and Precision Session Timing for Enhanced Session Segmentation.

SEPTEMBER: Unveiling PD Chat, the World's First AI Sports Data Analyst

In our relentless pursuit of sports tech innovation, September saw the launch of the beta version of PD Chat, the world's first AI Sports Data Analyst. When ChatGPT first came out, it was immediately apparent the impact of this technology. How cool would it be if we could use AI to let coaches interact with their data? Step forward PD Chat! This groundbreaking tool allows coaches to interact directly with their data, asking questions and receiving customised answers in seconds.

OCTOBER: FA Cup Triumphs and Awards Recognition

October celebrated the success of over 10% of the triumphant teams in the FA Cup First Round Proper being part of the PlayerData community. Maidstone United FC, as of December, have reached the 3rd round for the first time since 1988, showcasing the positive impact of our technology, along with hardwork and talent, in semi-professional football.

Our COO, Beth, received well-deserved recognition as the UK 'Young Businesswoman of the Year 2023' at the Women's Business Awards. San Diego Wave Fútbol Club, a member of our PlayerData Community, secured the title of 2023 NWSL Shield Champions.

NOVEMBER: Connected Field Experience and Californian Triumphs

In a groundbreaking move, PlayerData provided a connected field experience in partnership with the IWLCA, offering live performance data to every athlete at the stadium. Each athlete and club had access to their on-field metrics immediately after the game along with live leader-boards for fans to follow the action and see in real-time who the fastest athletes are. The success of this initiative showcased the potential for real-time data analysis in sports.

Our focus then shifted to California, where we provided all 2007 girls teams in the Maserati & Mercedes bracket with free access to the first-ever Silverlakes connected tournament experience. Live leaderboards and data analysis tools enhanced the overall tournament experience.

DECEMBER: A Year-End Surprise for Our COO

To cap off an incredible year, our COO Beth received the prestigious title of Women's Business Club ‘Global Businesswoman of 2024’. This well-deserved recognition highlighted her dedication and contribution to PlayerData's meteoric growth and international development.

It was great to bring the team together for some festive merriment as we celebrated what can only be described as an amazing year. A glass (or two) was raised to our incredible PlayerData Community, as without you none of this would have been possible. It was great to welcome many of our US team to the UK and have them join us celebrating into the small hours, sharing stories from the many events they have attended across the globe this year.

As we wrap up this remarkable year, PlayerData remains committed to pushing the boundaries of sports technology, empowering athletes, coaches, and teams worldwide.

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