December 1, 2020
Man wearing EDGE

EDGE GPS - what is it and how does it work? 

EDGE GPS is a data collection and monitoring tool, worn by athletes to collect physical metrics during sports sessions. Used predominantly in football and rugby, EDGE GPS is a useful tool for collecting performance data and using it for injury management and prevention, performance enhancement and adapting training sessions to individuals.

GPS monitoring is used across a number of outdoor sports in varying capacities. Many of you will be wearing watches that can track your GPS location and tell you how far you’ve gone or how many steps you’ve taken. Meanwhile, in professional sport, players will wear GPS units so data scientists can capture and analyse their data to improve training and performance.

For example, you may hear players talking about “getting my metres” in training. This refers to teams monitoring how far players go so that they do not overwork them. This then allows them to be as fresh as possible for matches. Additionally, players' high intensity running distances are kept track of as you don’t want players running sprints the day before a game!

EDGE GPS is just like the GPS tools used by the professionals. With one big difference. Anyone can use it. While data scientists can pull the data and use it for their own analysis - many of which do - having a data scientist to hand is not a prerequisite for using EDGE GPS. When clubs sign up to EDGE they also get use of EDGE Analyst, a mobile and web app that will process and show you your data in an accessible format. To find out more about EDGE Analyst see our previous article on it. 

EDGE GPS takes your position 10 times a second, meaning that any changes in direction and changes of pace can be accurately accounted for. It has sub-degree accuracy and we’re also working on providing live data feedback via EDGE Analyst. This means that coaches can make in game decisions based on real time physical data on their players.

To use EDGE GPS, units are assigned to each player and slotted into the back of their jersey and off they go. It’s super small and lightweight, and shows each players’ initials and number.

And that’s pretty much it. EDGE GPS is easy-to-use and easy to implement. To find out how to sign up your team, contact our sales team at sales@playerdata.co.uk.

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