PlayerData EDGE Awarded FIFA Quality Certification

January 22, 2024
PlayerData EDGE GPS Tracker Awarded FIFA Quality Certification

How can it possibly be THAT good for THAT price?

Surely you've had to compromise quality and accuracy to provide such a saving?

A more than common question we are used to hearing. We could raise our prices to be seen as “on par” with most elite systems, but that doesn't sit right with us. Instead, we took a different approach.

Today, we are excited to announce that PlayerData EDGE GPS is a FIFA Quality certified product.

This certification is testament to our commitment to data accuracy, reliability, and consistency, ensuring that football coaches and athletes at every level have access to the very best in performance tracking technology.

Exceeding all necessary EPTS FIFA Quality Programme Performance testing criteria and achieving 'Well-above' and 'Above' all industry standards, we are successfully democratising access to accurate and reliable, ELITE level data and performance tracking, for all athletes.

The certification process involved comprehensive safety testing and adherence to federation requirements for quality, accuracy, and durability. This outstanding performance has resulted in FIFA certification and eligibility for use in official match play, from grassroots to the Premier League and every level in-between.

PlayerData EDGE GPS achieved 'Well-above' and 'Above' industry standards for all necessary EPTS FIFA Quality Programme Performance testing criteria.

FIFA Quality marks explained

The test requirements for the FIFA Basic standard are designed to identify products that fulfil basic safety and durability criteria for football. The focus is on ensuring the device is safe for use at all levels of the game. 

In addition to the above, for the FIFA Quality standard the test requirements emphasise the performance and accuracy of the system, more than the FIFA Basic standard.

Quality without compromise

Affordability and great value doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality and excellence. With FIFA Quality certification, we continue our strive for excellence in the sports technology sector. Our GPS technology is now officially recognised as a superior choice for football teams and individuals of all levels, providing top tier data accuracy, reliability, and safety.

As we celebrate this milestone, we reaffirm our dedication to providing our PlayerData community with the very best tools to up their game.

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