January 13, 2022
Football player

Distance, the most simple metric, right? Maybe not

You might think simply the ‘distance you’ve run’ isn’t very interesting, however, it can actually tell you a whole lot about the work that was put in over the session, especially when we pair it with other metrics too! 

For example, is your distance quite high but your top speed slower than usual? Looks like you’ve done a high-volume session but probably not high-intensity. A High intensity session would have more ‘high speed distance’ and might have lower total distance.

Data, paired with knowledge of the session, can tell you a lot about your players too. If you have a player usually hitting average session distances that seems to be decreasing a lot, why is that? Can you ask them? Using data as a tool to understand your players can go a long way in reducing the risk of injury, as well as increasing performance in the long run!

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