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Edge GPS Tracking & Monitoring

for the whole team

unlock your teams performance data on and off the pitch.

EDGE GPS is made up of an app and unit combo; each player is assigned a unit to track speed zones, distances covered and positioning on the pitch.

Never miss a meter

industry leading gps Technology

With 10Hz GPS update rate and continuously calibrated orientation, your data will never be more accurate. Track position and speed to a sub-meter accuracy, and capture data for up to 8 hours before needing a recharge. Data collection has never been so easy.

For the team

Advanced specs that cater to the whole team

EDGE is a team-focused service, making data collection and performance tracking convenient for the whole squad. The vibrant OLED screen displays player names and numbers to easily identify units, while the modular docking station will cater to teams of size.

We’ve got you covered

Portable technology for every situation

EDGE GPS is designed to be small and lightweight for a comfortable fit. Slot it into a sports vest to get collecting today. PlayerData and custom sports vests are available for order. The whole kit comes neatly packed in your own PlayerData backpack.



Global positioning
Inertial sampling rate
Live data
Heart rate
Wireless communication
Wireless range

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