The Good, the Great and the Even Better: Our 2021 Highlights

Monday, December 13, 2021

This year has been a big one for everyone, we have signed nearly 100 clubs, we have spoken to the people behind the badges and we have grown our community. So, for our last article of 2021, let's round up what we’ve done! 

This year was one of growth and building! We finalised our player app and added new features including playback, heat maps and surveys. We listened to potential customers and launched our individual dashboard and an individual product. Our team has grown in numbers in staff and customers. We have gained nearly 800 new instagram followers and with it, lots more content. We have researched and improved our product and shared some of that knowledge with our community! 

We also had some great highlights to share from staff...

Nick’s 2020 highlight is doing what he loves! “This is my first full time designing job, so I’m loving being a designer!” (and photographer clearly...)


Helens highlight is similar to nick, saying that her highlight is finally working as an engineer! "My highlight is feeling like a 'proper' AI Engineer. I can tell others about my job while feeling confident that I know what I'm talking about. I also love having another teammate who treats me like an equal in the field, rather than a junior - even though I'm still one of the youngest in the company!"

Roy’s is the people he works with, “My personal highlight is creating this kick-ass team, I am grateful for being able to work with passionate and motivated people daily.”

Harry loves sharing his passion for sport “My highlight since I have started working with PlayerData has to be talking to so many of our clubs about how they use their data and chatting about our shared passion for sport” 

Harry G

Mine is similar to Harry, I’ve spoken to representatives of multiple clubs to build social media content. I love hearing all about their passions and trying to share that with everyone else!

Although, We do have another Harry (Harry S) and his favourite PlayerData moment from this year was watching Harry G struggle to open our new PlayerData box on camera...

"it's for sure the unboxing failure with Harry at Peffermill"

Yola likes that PlayerData gives her the opportunity to explore different ideas “My highlight is the working environment, I have the freedom to explore a bunch of new and interesting ideas, and apply machine learning in ways I haven't had a chance to before. It's great fun! Also, In my PhD I use machine learning to predict sudden death, so it’s great that at PlayerData I am using machine learning to predict something a little less dark”


Will's highlight was bringing the customers new and exciting app features, "I think it's got to be launching the new athlete dashboard which I designed and tested, also being the star of the new Individual product which launched this month!"

Mark's highlight since starting with the company is realising just how great the team are! "I love that PlayerData recognises the importance of creating a happy, inspiring and supportive environment to work in and encourages people to be themselves."

Finally, Beth has seen the growth of the company this year as her highlight, "seeing the growth we went through over multiple lockdowns. Team growth, community growth and the growth of the company itself. We have learnt a lot over the last year and I believe that that adaptability has been the key to seeing our team increase and our brand grow."

So, Hopefully you've had as many highlights of 2021 as we have! We are really looking forward to moving even further forward with our product and relationship with the community in 2022

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