Happy New Year!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Happy New Year!

It’s the start of a new year and exciting things lie ahead. We had a look before Christmas at the success of last year, and the constant progress that has been made throughout. Now it’s time to turn our attention to the coming year and what it holds for PlayerData and for our friends. 

With EDGE breaking out at the tail end of last year, we will be focusing the majority of our time on getting it out to more and more clubs. Time has been put into the manufacturing process so we can significantly reduce waiting times for units and get clubs kitted up almost instantly. Alongside this, there will be continual updates, some preplanned and some based on ongoing feedback from our users so do make sure to keep the feedback coming. 

Not only that, we will be continuing the expansion of our team to ensure we can keep up with the demands of our users, as well as continuing to implement and adapt our service to go above and beyond expectations. We pride ourselves on our accessibility and our ability to adapt to ensure we remain at the top of our game and continue performing at the highest standard. 

The first few months of the year will see three more new recruits between the technical and development teams and we expect this number to snowball as the year progresses.

It follows then that we will be expanding across all fronts. Some of you may also be aware of our other projects, these will of course continue and we hope to be able to share these with you very soon. As I said, exciting things lie ahead!

That’s all from us for now but stay tuned for updates and get in touch if you think your sports team or someone you know could benefit from our service. 


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