Happy Birthday, Cortex!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Happy Birthday, Cortex!

Just over a year ago the PlayerData team of two, along with their removal van load of stuff, moved into (or should I say began squatting in?) Cortex’s offices. From day one the Cortex team were incredibly welcoming, despite their initial confusion over what on earth we were doing with all of our 3D printers and equipment. 

Since then, Peter and the team at Cortex have not only given us shelter, but have shared their learnings, giving us invaluable insight into the workings of a successful start-up. A few years behind them, we aspire to create something as profound as they have, and are keen to follow in their cultural footsteps. Cortex may be small, but with a band of apprentices, and an inspiring workplace community, they embrace progression. We thank you for everything you have taught us and continue to teach us, you truly are an inspiration. 

Happy Birthday, Cortex, and congratulations to everyone involved in getting you to where you are today. We can only hope to follow in your example.

April 2019

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